Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Earth Day Cookies on ediTORIal~

Hi! Just stopping by to share this article on fun ways to celebrate Earth Day with your kids. It's written by my friend, Jenny from Craft That Party,  I made these Earth cookies for her son's Wall-E birthday party...
It's exciting enough having my cookies featured on Tori Spelling's blog, but I kinda almost fainted when I saw that sweet, Tori shared a photo of my Earth cookies on facebook!! Read the article HERE.
Thanks, Tori Spelling!!

Earth Day is in 6 days and counting...


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crafting With Your Silhouette~

That's right, today we're taking a break from baking to talk about crafting!!
If you saw my last post, you know that my daughter, Amanda just celebrated her 16th Birthday. One of the cool party favors the girls took home was a pillow, sewn by Shuana of Cupcakes with Character and adorned with a shiny, gold heart made by my close personal friend, Nikki McGonigal of Nikki, In Stitches. Nikki made the vinyl hearts with her Silhouette as I stood back and watched in awe.  Which brings me to the reason for this post...
I’m SO excited to share The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy with you today!
Aside from these awesome heart decals, you've seen Nikki's work featured in my parties many times in the past. She has now opened The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy where she teaches online craft classes, and her first program ,"Crafting With Your Silhouette" is a hit!!!
According to Nikki, “The Silhouette CAMEO and Portrait have taken the 'home crafter' to places they could have only ever dreamed of going before. There is no limit to where you can go and what you can make! Personally, I’ve been crafting with my CAMEO for almost two years now, and have created more with it than I ever thought I would. I’ve also experienced first hand, the learning curve that goes along with getting to know your Silhouette cutting system. What did I do? I dove into the software with both feet and learned the hard way, over the course of months, and by lots of trial and some error. This program is specifically designed to help you avoid that, and get you right to the fun of successful crafting!"
And I'm even more excited to share a discount code for all of you to use!!! FROGPRINCE will get each of you your first month of membership 50% off! {YAY!!}
If you already know you'd like to enroll, click here to join in the fun! There are already over 15 lessons there waiting for you already! If you have a Silhouette cutting system and want more details on the program, keep reading!
4 Reasons I Think you’ll Love The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy: 
1. Crafters Are Fun!
The community at The Craft Academy is full of creative, talented, friendly and fun people who enjoy learning new techniques and sharing their experiences. As a bonus to the content provided in the lessons, membership in the "Crafting With Your Silhouette" program also comes with access to a members only forum, where you can feel free to post questions, help others work through their crafty mishaps, and get to know your fellow students.
2. Nikki is always there, cheering you on!
Nikki personally replies to comments and questions posted in the forums. She personally respond to  emails. She is there LIVE during monthly online events. Her number one goal is to answer your questions, and get you back to creating as quickly as possible.
3. The community there will inspire you.
It is amazing to see how each student takes one of Nikki's ideas and adds their personal touch to it, making it even better. These projects are then shared inside  The Craft Academy and specifically posted to help motivate you to push your creative boundaries!
4. You’ll find yourself wanting more.
The lessons inside The Craft Academy are purposely designed to not just teach a method or technique. They’re specifically written to give you the skills required, but also the push you need to take them one step further. You’ll quickly find yourself thinking of ways to expand on each project taught! If you’re ready to check out the "Crafting With Your Silhouette" program available at The Craft Academy, click here, and don't forget to use promo code FROGPRINCE to get your first month 50% off!!!
What specifically can you find inside the "Crafting With Your Silhouette" program?
•Monthly projects built specifically to help you learn
 every feature in the Silhouette software.
•Time saving tips and techniques to help you shorten the
 “learning curve” time often associated with getting familiar with
 the Silhouette software.
•Live online events where you can get instant help and feedback
 on whatever  projects you’re working towards completing.
 (These events will be recorded for playback. You can watch 
whenever you’d like, as often as you’d like!
•Community conversations taking place every day, providing
the help you need, but also allowing you to build a network of
 fellow crafters here to encourage you to explore where your
 Silhouette cutting system can take you.
•3 lessons each month to increase your confidence and skills,
cutting back on wasted time...and supplies.
•Nikki's personal support. Again, she actively responds to
 comments and questions posted on the site. She personally
responds to emails. She is there to answer your questions, and
 get you back to creating with your CAMEO, or Portrait
as quickly as possible!
If you’re looking for something special, a place to learn and
 craft online like you’ve never seen before, a place to really get
help using your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait, and create
awesome projects along the way, I think you'll love
The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy! If you’re ready to take
 a peek at all that “Crafting With Your Silhouette” has to offer,
 click here, and again, don't forget to use FROGPRINCE
to get your first month 50% off!
Here are a few testimonials...Have fun!!! xo Linda

"Your Silhouette CAMEO online tutorial paid for itself within the
 first 10 minutes! Almost 2 hours of info I needed desperately.
 Thank you so much!" – Katie
"This class was such a boost to my learning curve on the CAMEO.
 I watched just prior to receiving my CAMEO and felt confident from
 the start that I could use it! The day I got my machine I was off and
 running and haven't stopped since. Thanks so much,
 Nikki, In Stitches!" – Carol
"Thank you again for class! What has taken me nearly 6 months to
 start to figure out, Nikki, In Stitches was able to answer in just
90 minutes!" - Heather


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Amanda's Sweet 16 {FEATURED}

Happy day!! I'm excited to tell you all that the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Bird's Party Magazine is out! Featuring my daughter, Amanda's Sweet 16 party (pgs. 20-24).
This issue is full of eye candy, lots of ideas for your next party & some fun tutorials too... you're going to love it!!

You can view the digital copy for free HERE.
or buy your own paper copy HERE.

Here's a little peek at what you'll see in the magazine:

(Photos by Expressions by Nicole Marie)

Happy Spring!!! xo


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Everything is AWESOME!!! Fondant Tutorial (and a Blog Hop!!)

Photography by Expressions by Nicole Marie.

Did you know the Lego Movie is coming out this week, on January 7th? I have two Lego-loving nephews who are probably chomping at the bit to see it.  Maybe you remember this Lego Starwars cake I made for my sweet nephew, Jackson a while back.

This movie is sure to be hilarious, there are so many top notch actors involved and the list of lego characters goes on for days.  Here are the two main characters, Emmet and Wyldestyle, who I've immortalized in fondant!!

After seeing the preview for the movie, the theme song "Everything is AWESOME!!" was stuck in my head for days... I thought it would be a sweet touch to add a chalkboard with the saying into the mix.  This would be the perfect addition to your next Lego themed party and you can make your own fondant, chalkboard.  It's easy!

What you'll need:

  • fondant
  • black food coloring
  • fondant roller
  • small tipped paint brush
  • petal dust~ white
  • lemon
  • square cookie cutter or a sharp knife
  • powdered sugar
  • tooth pick
  • very small bowl for mixing
First mix a small amount of fondant with black food coloring, Sprinkle your work surface with a little powdered sugar (or you can use corn starch), roll out your fondant and cut if with either a small, square cookie cutter, or a sharp knife.  Smooth the edges.

Next mix your white petal dust with a few drops of lemon juice (you can also use vodka, the alcohol will evaporate).  Carefully paint your phrase of choice onto the fondant.  This will dry in a few minutes.  While you're waiting, roll out a small strip of fondant to use on the back of your chalkboard.  This will hold your toothpick in place.

Once your "chalk" phrase has dried, flip the fondant over.  Attach a toothpick to the back with your small piece of fondant, brushing on a tiny bit of lemon juice as the "glue".  Press and hold in place until it is secure.

All that's left is to wipe on a little bit of powdered sugar to give it that just erased look.  Fun, right?!!

You can use these little, chalkboard signs for any occasion.  If you don't have time to bake, or just don't feel like it, why not use store bought cupcakes?  I'm betting that everyone will be so impressed with the way you've personalized the cupcakes that they wont ever realize you didn't bake!! 

I've been invited by my favorite party blogging friend, Bird, of Bird's Party to participate in a Lego inspired Blog Hop... Below are some AWESOME!! ideas for your next Lego party! :)

Now it's time to hop over to these awesome blogs to see what they've come up with:
 Lego Brick Pinata Cookies by Haniela's
 Lego Pinatas by Bird's Party
 Lego Favor Bags by Crissy's Crafts
 Lego 'Minute To Win It' Party Games by Play.Party.Pin.
 Lego Candy Buffet by


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vintage Carnival Party~ Kati turns 11

Gorgeous photography by my friend, Nicole of Expressions by Nicole Marie!!
Styling and sweets by me Frog prince cake and cookie design (unless otherwise noted). xo

I'm excited to share my daughter, Kati's 11th Birthday party with you!!  Kati wanted a carnival party, and once she picked out the colors she wanted (yes, I'm turning her into a little party planner) I thought they'd work great with a vintage theme!
I contacted some of my very talented friends and put together, Kati's Vintage Carnival (and confetti, lots of confetti) Party...Enjoy!!!
These sweet invitations are by Valerie of Greyson Design.  She is so patient and really brought my vision to life. The custom confetti was supplied by The Confetti Bar who makes some of the coolest confetti you can imagine, she matched my color request perfectly.

Pinwheel Banner is by Peckled, after the party I decorated my house with them, yes I did!!

"Happy Birthday" mini bunting was made by Greyson Design and Peckled supplied the hand-dyed coffee filters that I used to create the ruffles behind my chalkboard...truth be told, this chalkboard was once a mirror on an old dresser.  I paint anything that isn't glued down with chalkboard paint, sometimes it looks good, sometimes not so much but in this case I was SO happy with the result!

I am slightly obsessed with making marquees.  They are SO time consuming but so easy, and definitely worth the time put into making them!  To make this "Happy Birthday" Marquee, I printed out a template and tutorial found on Oh Happy Day!  I love that blog and it's apparent that she is WAY craftier than me because it only took her a few hours to finish her marquee, it took me SEVEN hours start to finish!! (don't judge me!!)  ;)
The beautiful tassels were made by One Stylish Party, I (actually my sister, Carrie..."Thanks, Carrie") sewed them to the table cloth to hang them.
These are chocolate covered Oreos by Bella's Bakery and's the first time I've ever shared one of my sweet tables with another sweets vendor...but not the last!!
I'm sure the kids would've loved it if I set up an actual "throw the ball into the fishbowl and win a fish" game, but I had a feeling their parents wouldn't be loving me OR their new family pet so I came up with a fun alternative.  I found these teeny tiny fish bowls at the Dollar General {SCORE!!} They are the perfect size for an individual serving of Jello.  I found some blue Jello, popped in a swedish fish, put a ping pong ball on top, everyone was happy!!

No, I didn't put chalkboard paint on the cookies...they're edible, I promise!!

There was confetti everywhere and we were loving it!!  I decided to add some edible confetti to these chocolate-dipped marshmallows~ YUM!!  These cool, vintage looking wooden dowels are from The TomKat Studio, kindly provided by Paper and Pop!!

I am always up for a challenge when it comes to designing a cake.  This one was inspired by the hatband created just for Kati by Skylar Raine. (check out the hatband at the bottom of the post).
I made the doiley to mimic the bunting I had hanging outside on the tent.
Mini bunting by Greyson Design.

Pinwheel cookie pops...made by me :)

These cotton candy cones were a huge hit with the kids (and some of the parents who stopped in as well!!) If you're going to make these PLEASE listen...make this the very last thing you do before your guests come, or before your photographer snaps a pic. of them because they melt...not just if you get them wet, the slightest bit of moisture in the air causes them to wither and harden into an unsightly, pastel rock!!  {you are welcome!} xo
My label tents were made by using strips of gold and red with white stripes scrap book paper, chalkboard stickers, lollipop sticks, washi tape and little red puffs~ super easy project that I'll share at a later date (make sure you're following me on Instagram at frprince!!)

Ice cream scoops with rainbow jimmies (I'm from Philly, we call them jimmies).  I always use these cute, wooden spoons for parties.  It's fun to stamp words, names, really anything on.  These are from The TomKat Studio, provided by Paper and Pop.

 Confetti balloons~ yes please, my favorite!!!
These balloons are from Oriental Trading.

The girls had a beautiful day to clown around outside.  They played charades, attempted to juggle and made balloon (I'd like to say animals but will go with balloon "shapes"). 

I covered my coffee table with craft paper from the dollar store to protect it from the jugglers' shenanagins (not really, this was a great group of girls!!) and added the prettiest, custom ribbon garland by a to Zebra celebrations. The colorful ribbon really dressed it up!

I was super excited when I found these confetti filled balls.  After the party the girls took their bouncy balls home to continue practicing their new juggling skills.

The highlight of the day was the photobooth by Race Street Photobooth, an amazing local company.  And yes I got in the booth too, they are so much fun!! I love this photo of Kati and her friends, Julia and Lidia!! <3 p="">

 Greyson Design made these custom, confetti water bottle labels and...

this sweet sign that hung over the candy cart!!  A birthday comes but once a year, I figure the more sweets the better...

How jealous are you of these vintage bowling pins?!!  Yeah me too, they're not mine...they actually belong to Denise of The Painted Home.  She's a very cool, local blogger who sells some of her unique finds and creations in a local shop in town.

You can find these red paper tissue balls and popcorn containers at Oriental trading.

Here's the Birthday girl in her beautiful tutu handmade by Atutudes. She loved this tutu so much that she planned her Halloween costume around it...(she and her friend were Thing 1 and Thing 2).

No, THIS cotton candy isn't real.  I made it as an un-meltable prop using batting and pink spray paint (see, I am crafty!!)

THANK YOU for stopping by!!!  Here's one of the party favors, cute roll-on perfume by Moodylicious children's spa

Birthdays ROCK!!!

*Oriental Trading provided products for this event.  All opinions are my own.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Place Card Cookies {+ BLOG HOP}

{photography by Nicole, Expressions by Nicole Marie}

  It's hard to believe but Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away! Yes, it's the time of year when we all reflect on what we're thankful for but it also happens to be the biggest "eating holiday" of the year in my family. {YUM!!}  If you're going to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, you're in luck! Today I'm sharing my tutorial for Turkey Feather Placecards and FREE printables from Bird's Party that you can use to spice up your tablescape.

I have a quick and easy tutorial for these Turkey Feather Place Card Cookies, and you can follow the links below to see how some other creative blogger friends are using these printables this Thanksgiving!

Supplies needed:
your favorite sugar cookie recipe
circle cutter
yellow food coloring
gold luster dust
paint brushes~ large and small
fondant roller
parchment paper
powdered sugar
corn syrup
alphabet stamps
lemon juice
lollipop sticks

I made this simple feather cookie figuring that a lot of people have a circle cutter floating around in their kitchens.  If not, no biggie...a cup turned upside down will do the trick!

If you are new to making decorated cookies, you can follow the full tutorial for decorating and hand stamping cookies HERE.
But if you have a basic knowledge of how to decorate, all you'll need to know is that I used the sides of the circle cutter to get my feather shape.  Make your fondant feather a tad smaller than you think you will need it because once you start making the lines, it gets a little bigger.  (I used a lollipop stick to make the lines on the fondant.)  I recommend doing your stamping before you attach your fondant with the corn syrup, once the fondant is attached it's difficult to remove.
Once you attach your fondant, you can mix a few drops of lemon juice with your food coloring and luster dust.  Use your small paint brush to fill in your stamped letters to make them pop!!

I'm a crafter at heart so I constructed this centerpiece using a few things I had laying around the house, adding Bird's cute turkey printables to tie in our Thanksgiving, "gobble" theme.
The tray is actually a rustic, wooden picture frame. I cut black foam board to size, laid it over the glass, then used a chalkboard eraser over it to give it a chalkboard look.

The flowers here are made out of tissue paper and crepe paper streamers.  They were extremely easy to make, using THIS tutorial from Martha Stewart.
The bunting and arrow were made out of brown craft paper.  I always keep rolls of the stuff handy because it's useful in so many ways... covering books, drop cloth, table runner...

Gobble-Gobble... I repurposed this orange pinwheel made by Peckled and the orange/craft paper flower on the cookie jar is from Greyson Design, both used in previous parties I've thrown. 

Oops, little Wren caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  And that's me, caught in my usual attire of a sweatshirt and baseball cap!!

You can find more wonderfully creative uses for these Thanksgiving printables by hopping over to these blogs:

Salted Caramel Apple Favors - Bird's Party Blog

Pecan Pie Muffins - Creative Juice

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Handmade Hostess Gift - Crissy's Crafts

Kid's Bread Basket Turkey - The Party Wall
Speaking of giving thanks, on this Veteran's Day I'd like to thank all of you who serve or have served to protect your fellow man and bring peace to our world. xo